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State Public Aid

Take advantage of the benefits that the State provides to large families throughout Spain regardless of the Autonomous Community in which they reside.



Members of large families will benefit from a 5% reduction if they are classified in the general category and a 10% reduction, in the special category, on fares for domestic scheduled air transport services.

Reduction of 20% if they are classified in the general category, and 50% in the special category, on the existing tariffs for the use of regular maritime cabotage transport lines.

The aforementioned allowances shall be applied, also in identical amounts, with respect to the transportation of furniture and other household goods due to a change of domicile, when carried out within the routes specified in the previous section.

In relation to the requirement prior to the issuance of the ticket, it must be understood that, in the case of beneficiaries of large family discounts, the employee of the shipping company or the agency must request the interested parties to present the official title of large family or document that reliably proves such condition and the category in which it is classified.

20% or 50% discount, according to general or special category, in RENFE and road transportation. May be accumulated with other discounts.

RENFE Railways: In order to be entitled to the application of the discounts provided for in this article, the interested parties must present, when requested, the corresponding Official Large Family Title or document that reliably accredits such condition and the category in which it is classified.

Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat: Metro Valencia offers a discount on the ordinary fare depending on the type of ticket and whether the large family is general category or special category.

The metropolitan transport line of Alicante (TRAM), offers discounts according to the type of ticket for large families. This discount does not apply on the round trip ticket, nor on other integrated fares or not, such as the youth transport pass, the metro bus, etc..



Access to support measures for large families in a situation of vulnerability in relation to their habitual residence(Social Housing Fund and other protection measures for families with difficulties in the payment of mortgage debts).

This is a social tariff applied to certain groups, including large families, because they are considered to be of special protection. It involves a discount on the price of electricity and other protection measures. Vulnerable consumers will receive a 25% discount and those with severe vulnerability a 40% discount. In the event that they are being attended by Social Services, the discount is extended to 50%.

All the information about the requirements, documentation to be submitted... you will find here


To facilitate the enjoyment of decent and adequate housing for young people under 35 years of age, either by renting or through direct aid for the purchase of housing located in municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants. WEB


The condition of large family will be taken into account in public processes regulated by scales, such as in administration scholarships or in the admission of students in compulsory stages in schools supported by public funds.

An allowance will be granted to large families whose children are disabled or unable to work and have special educational needs associated with the disability.

To facilitate the enjoyment of decent and adequate housing for young people under 35 years of age, either by renting or through direct aid for the purchase of housing located in municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants. WEB

Leisure and Culture

Discount on admission to museums throughout Spain that are owned by the State.

List of museums with applicable discount:

  • National Archaeological Museum (Madrid)
  • Altamira National Museum and Research Center (Santillana del Mar)
  • National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, ARQUA (Murcia, Spain)
  • Costume Museum. CIPE (Madrid)
  • National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid)
  • National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts "Gonzalez Marti" (Valencia, Spain)
  • National Sculpture Museum (Valladolid)
  • El Greco Museum (Toledo)
  • Casa de Cervantes Museum (Valladolid)
  • National Museum of Roman Art (Merida)
  • Sephardic Museum (Toledo)
  • Sorolla Museum (Madrid)
  • National Museum of Anthropology (Madrid)
  • Cerralbo Museum (Madrid)
  • Romantic Museum (Madrid)
  • Museum of America (Madrid)
  • National Museum of Artistic Reproductions (Madrid)
  • Theater Museum (Ciudad Real)
  • Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Center (Madrid)
  • Prado National Museum (Madrid)
  • Thyssen Bornemisza Museum (Madrid)
  • Lázaro Galdiano Museum (Madrid)

NOTE: Apart from these State-owned museums, which are obliged to apply the discount or free admission established in the Law (Law 40/2003 of November 18, 2003, on the Protection of Large Families), many other regional, provincial, municipal or even privately owned museums apply some type of discount to large families. Since these are special cases, families are advised to always consult the ticket offices of each museum.


Tax Deductions

Specific deduction for large families, which can be applied in the income tax return or paid in advance at a rate of 100 euros per month(form 143).

  • 1,200 € deduction for general large families
  • 2,400 € deduction for special category companies
  • 1,200 € deduction for families with children with disabilities
  • 1,800 € deduction for large family with 4 children
  • 2,400 € deduction for large family with 5 children
  • 3,000 € deduction for large family with 6 children

All deductions can be accumulated among them in the event that several of these assumptions are met. To benefit from them it is necessary to be active in the Social Security, although in the case of being a large family, it also applies to unemployed people who are receiving subsidies and pensioners.

All the information about the requirements and documentation to be submitted can be found here.

The place to apply for it is at any Tax Agency office or Administration. Check all the centers you can go to in the province of Alicante here.

* There is also a deduction of €1,200 for single parents with two children as long as they do not receive alimony from the other parent.

This is a deduction aimed at women with children under 3 years of age, who are self-employed or employed and are registered in the corresponding Social Security or Mutual Insurance scheme. This can be applied in the Income Tax Return (deduction of 1,200 euros) or receive its payment in advance at the rate of 100 euros per month(more info).

All the information about the requirements and documentation to be submitted can be found here

  1. Telematically through the Internet, at the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency ( ).
  2. By telephone (901 200 345)

In person by direct delivery at any Tax Office or Administration of the Tax Agency. Check all the centers you can go to in the province of Alicante here

As of January 2023, the "aid" of 100 euros per month, which until now was received by working mothers, registered with the Social Security, with children from 0 to 3 years of age, will be extended to new beneficiaries.

But from now on it will be extended to other cases: mothers who are receiving unemployment benefits, those who work part-time or temporarily and those who have contributed a minimum of 30 days from the birth of the child. Parents will also be able to receive it in certain circumstances.

For more information. Click here.

The new Child Support supplement in Social Security.

This supplement, which has been implemented within the framework of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV), will reach the beneficiaries of the dependent child allowance, also colloquially called "the points", and the beneficiaries of the IMV. But it will also reach other low-income families, since the thresholds of guaranteed income and assets established for each type of household will be raised.

To whom is it addressed?

This assistance is intended for recipients of the minimum living income with children, recipients of the dependent child allowance and low-income households with children.

Do I have to order it and how?

If the family already has the Minimum Vital Minimum (IMV), it is recognized ex officio, without the need to make any application. It is automatic.

If you are not an MVI or points beneficiary family, you can apply as if you were applying for MVI, through the same form.

More information in: Social Security

Social Security Guide

Minimum Living Income Simulator

On December 28, 22, Royal Decree-Law 20/2022, of December 27, 22, came into force, which includes this new aid of 200 euros for individuals with low income and assets.

To whom is this aid intended for?
  • to employees, self-employed or unemployed persons registered at the employment offices who do not receive other social benefits, such as pensions or the Minimum Vital Income.
What are the requirements?
  • Having received full income of less than 27,000 euros per year and having assets of less than 75,000 euros. Themain residence is excluded from the computation of assets.
  • The computation of income and assets will be made by adding those of family members living in the same household: the applicant, his/her spouse or common-law partner, descendants and ascendants up to the second degree.
  • The income and assets of persons sharing an apartment without a family relationship will not be added together.
  • The beneficiaries must have their habitual residence in Spain.
Who is excluded?
  • Persons who, as of December 31, 2022, receive the Minimum Vital Income, or pensions paid by the General Regime and the Special Social Security Regimes or by the State Pension System, as well as those who receive analogous benefits recognized, but not integrated in these regimes, are excluded from this assistance. The administrators by right of a mercantile company that had not ceased their activity on December 31, 2022.
When can I apply?
  • It is available for application from February 15 through March 31, 2023. It is a one-time payment.
How do I apply?
  • A form must be filled out at the Tax Agency, in which they will provide the bank account where they want the transfer to be made.
  • It is necessary to have Cl@ve or an electronic certificate to carry out the procedure.
Do I need to provide documentation?
  • No, it is not necessary to provide any documentation. The Social Security and other public agencies will send the AEAT the necessary information to verify compliance with the requirements necessary to apply for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Link to Agencia Tributaria



A period of rest that all workers have in the event of childbirth, adoption or foster care, without losing their salary or labor rights. There are 16 uninterrupted weeks, extendable by 2 more weeks in the event of disability of the child and in the case of multiple birth, adoption or foster care, for each child, starting with the second.

All the information about the requirements and documentation to be submitted can be found here.

The place to apply for it is at the offices of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Check all the centers you can go to in the province of Alicante here.

The length of paternity leave in Spain this 2022 is 16 weeks, following successive improvements in recent years (it rose to 8 weeks in April 2019, to 12 weeks in January 2020, and to its current length in January 2021).

All the information about the requirements and documentation to be submitted can be found here or by calling 900 166 565.

The place to apply is at the offices of the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

More information here

Leave that the employee requests the company to suspend the contract for a specific period of time (being a maximum of 2 years), but retaining the preferential right to rejoin the company. For the following cases; care of children under three years of age, adoption or foster care and care of relatives up to the 2nd degree.


  • He is not entitled to receive any salary from the company.
  • The employee's job is reserved during the first year of leave; in the case of a large family, the job will be reserved for 15 or 18 months, depending on whether it is in the general or special category. Once this period has elapsed, a job in the same professional group or equivalent category is reserved.
  • The time of leave of absence counts towards the employee's seniority in the company.
  • You have the right to attend vocational training courses to which your employer must call you, especially when you are about to start work.
  • This leave may be taken in installments.

Entitlement to benefits.

You are entitled to a non-financial benefit from the Social Security for a dependent child consisting of the right to have the first two years of your leave of absence (and in the case of large families, depending on the category, general or special, 30 or 36 months, respectively) considered as time contributed to the Social Security, when you have to access any Social Security retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, maternity and paternity benefits.

More information here

The right of the worker may request this reduction of working hours, when:

  • Have legal guardianship and direct care of a child under the age of 8,
  • Have the legal guardianship and direct care of a person with physical, mental or sensory disability, who does not perform a paid activity,
  • Have the direct care of a relative up to the second degree of kinship (grandmothers or grandfathers of both spouses, granddaughters and grandsons, mother, father, sisters or brothers, spouse, daughters or sons, sisters-in-law or brothers-in-law, mothers-in-law or fathers-in-law), and who, due to age, accident or illness, is unable to look after himself or herself and is not working.
  • The minimum time that a worker may reduce his/her working day is one eighth of the working day and a maximum of one half of the working day.

The worker, woman or man, has the right to decide the schedule and duration of the leave. Collective bargaining agreements may establish criteria for the scheduling of this reduction in working hours, taking into account the rights of reconciliation of personal, family and work life of the worker and the productive and organizational needs of the companies. The company must be notified 15 days in advance, specifying the start and end date of the leave.

The salary is reduced in proportion to the part of the working day that is no longer worked. The contributions made during the first two years of reduced working hours for child care and during the first year of reduced working hours for caring for a family member or disabled person, will be computed increased up to 100% of what would have been contributed for the full working day for future Social Security, retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, maternity and paternity benefits.

More information here


It shall be requested in cases of breastfeeding of the child or foster child until the child reaches 9 months of age. The worker may be away from work for one hour, which may be divided into two fractions. The duration of this leave will be increased proportionally in cases of childbirth, adoption or multiple fostering. During the period of lactation leave, she continues to receive her full salary.

The person exercising this right, of his own free will, may:

  • Replace this right with a half-hour reduction of the working day for the same purpose.
  • To accumulate it in full working days, under the terms set forth in the collective bargaining agreement or in the agreement reached with the employer, respecting, as the case may be, what is established in the collective bargaining agreement.

Where is it requested?
The leave is requested at the same work center. The worker must give 15 days' notice of his or her return to normal working hours. More information here

This is a right by which working parents, adoptive or foster parents may reduce their working day, with a proportional reduction in salary, to care for their children or minors affected by cancer or by any serious illness that implies a long-term hospital stay and requires the need for their direct, continuous and permanent care, until they reach the age of 18 years, during the time of their hospitalization and continued treatment.

This reduction in the working day may entail an economic benefit from the Social Security to compensate for the loss of income suffered by parents, adoptive parents or foster parents who reduce the working day, with the consequent reduction in their salary. The benefit consists of a subsidy equivalent to 100% of the regulatory base established for the temporary disability benefit derived from professional contingencies and in proportion to the reduction in the working day.

More information here



Exemption in the issuance fees of the DNI or passport, both in new issues and in case of renewal due to expiration, theft or loss. More information here

Article 5 of Law 1/1996, on Free Legal Aid, recognizes the possibility for parents of large families in the Special Category to receive free legal aid.

To do so, they must apply, in advance of the trial, to the Legal Aid Commission, which "may exceptionally grant, by means of a reasoned decision, the recognition of the right to persons whose resources and income, although exceeding the limits provided for in Article 3, do not exceed four times the minimum interprofessional wage".

The decision will be made "in consideration of the applicant's family circumstances, number of dependent children or relatives, state of health, economic obligations, costs derived from the initiation of the process or others of a similar nature, objectively evaluated, and, in any case, when the applicant holds the condition of ascendant of a large family of special category".

In case of being beneficiaries of legal aid, special category large families would also be exempted, as such, from the payment of court fees.

More information here.



As a large family you are entitled to a 50% reduction of the registration tax on the taxable base of the fee, for large families, provided that the following requirements are met:

  • The vehicle must be new.
  • Capacity between 5 and 9 seats.
  • The registration must be in the name of the father, mother or both together.
  • At least 4 years must have elapsed since the registration of another vehicle in the parent's name (except in the case of total loss).
  • The vehicle in question may not be transferred inter vivos during the 4 years following the date of registration.

More info


Birth, adoption or foster care

In cases of large families, single-parent families and in cases of mothers with a disability equal to or greater than 65%. This is a lump sum financial benefit which is recognized for the birth or adoption of a child in large families or families which, for that reason, acquire such status, in single-parent families and in the case of mothers with a disability equal to or greater than 65%, provided that a certain level of income according to income is not exceeded. The benefit is not recognized in cases of foster care. More info

It consists of a financial allowance for each child under or over 18 years of age and who is affected by a disability equal to or greater than 65%, in charge of the beneficiary, regardless of the legal nature of the filiation, as well as for minors in their care in foster care, permanent or guardianship for the purpose of adoption. More info

This is a one-time financial assistance when the number of children born in one birth or adopted at the same time is equal to or greater than two. More info

The economic benefit is intended to cover the loss of income that occurs when the worker is declared in a situation of suspension of the work contract due to risk during pregnancy, in cases where, although she should change her job or activity for another compatible with her condition, such a change is not technically or objectively possible or cannot reasonably be required for justified reasons. More info

All the information about the requirements and documentation to be submitted can be found in the following pages. here.
The place to apply is at the offices of the National Social Security Institute (INSS).
See all the centers you can go to in the Valencian Community here.

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