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965 143 274 - 965 992 396
Schedule: 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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Who we are

ASAFAN is an organization of large families without any political or religious banner. We are united by the defense of our rights and interests.

We have decided to join forces to fight for fair and equitable treatment by the public authorities, the private sector and society in general.

We are proud of our families and that is why we want to be treated as we deserve. We are not asking for any favored treatment. We simply do not want to be discriminated against because we have decided to have the number of children we have wanted.



Alicante Branch

Contact: María del Mar Quintas and Silvia Burillo
García Andreu Street, 20 - Ground Floor
03007 Alicante
Phone: 965 143 274

El Campello Branch

Contact: Maria Isabel Eyssartier
Germanias Avenue, 2
El Campello - Alicante
Phone: 675 953 182 by appointment

Contact Dénia

Contact: Bélen Sirerol
Attention: Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Avda. Campo Torres, 13 (Association headquarters)
03700 Denia
Phone: 965 143 274

Elche Branch

Contact: Maria Eyssartier and Mary Carmen Rey
Plaza Reyes Católicos, 36, bajo dcha.
03204 Elche
Phone: 965 992 396

Torrevieja Branch

Contact: Cristina and Oscar Urtasun
Attention: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.00 to 12.40 hrs
Ayto La Mata, Plaza Gaspar Perez Llo, s/n
03188 Torrevieja - Alicante
Phone: 686 083 054


Defending the family

for being the basic nucleus of society.

To raise awareness in society as well as

administrations of the need for birth rate growth.

Obtain for large families

a fair deal on taxes, housing, water, school fees....

To ask the authorities to facilitate

the fulfillment of the rights that the current legislation grants to Large Families.

Working to ensure that parents

can combine childcare with work outside the home.

Making our presence known

in society and defend the right of parents to have as many children as they wish.

Board of Directors


Mr. Javier Martínez Marfil

Vice President

Mrs. María Dolores Vidal Navarro


Mr. Joaquín Alarcón Escribano


Mrs. Mª Angeles Fabrí Lagüéns


Mr. Benito Zuazu Sánchez Mr. Juan Manuel Martínez Fernández Mr. Pedro Alejo Arias Bueno

Mission and Transparency, clear accounts


Membership dues

82.859,33 €

Grants and collaborations

185.827,97 €


268.687,30 €



105.548,19 €

Social Security

26.594,35 €




58.636,89 €


1.603,60 €

Tax and labor consulting

1.852,54 €


270.881,18 €




ASAFAN is a non-profit association that aims to improve the situation of large families in general and especially those who are in exclusion, through prevention, collaboration with external agents and social intervention between partners and public administration. We are characterized by carrying out a work in which quality and trust are the priority in order to achieve individual and social change, giving special importance to networking, volunteering and awareness of the members of our associated families.


We are a strong, cohesive and effective association that contributes to the participation of members of large families in the full development of their social rights, the recognition of their value in society and the improvement of their quality of life, as well as to the mobilization of the social actors involved.


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Association of Large Families of Castellón

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Valencian Associations

of Large Families


C/ Cronista Joaquín Collía, 5 bajo. 03010 Alicante
Phone: (+34) 965 25 71 87
Fax: (+34) 965 24 08 88


C/ Torres nº 12
46018 Valencia
Tel.: 963 83 77 08


C/ Santo Domingo, 70
03005 Alicante
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Diagrama Foundation

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International Association of the Telephone of Hope, Alicante, Spain.

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