Large families, on the warpath against the new maternity allowance in the pension

February 15 21

Large families are on a war footing against the new maternity allowance in pensions, of which, as all the details are known and accounts are being made, the serious damage that it entails for millions of women is verified. From ASAFAN, FANUCOVA and our Spanish Federation of Large Families we consider that the new maternity supplement in the pension is a “hidden cut” for mothers, who will see their maternity supplement reduced by between 10% and 70%, depending on the number of children and the basis of their contribution, and it is greater the greater the number of children. According to the calculations, all women with pensions of 1,100 euros and 2 children suffer an economic loss in their pension, although the loss will be greater in the case of large families, with 3, 4 or more children. Thus, a mother of 3 children with a pension of 1,100 euros will have her pension cut by more than 400 euros a year and if she has 4 children she will receive 800 euros less than with the previous system. The FEFN, which represents and defends the rights of the 700,000 large families in Spain, believes that this injustice cannot be ignored and is seeking support to overturn the measure. For this reason, it has organized a rally tomorrow before Congress (2:30 p.m.) and has opened a campaign to collect signatures on so that all affected people can make clear their rejection of this approach, with which they do not feel compensated: they neither believe that it is a fair way to eliminate the gender gap nor that the contribution they have made to society in the form of human capital is adequately compensated, through their children, who are precisely the ones who are going to support the pensions.



The organization of large families has been meeting since last week with representatives of different political groups to explain first-hand the injustice of the measure designed by the Government, and ask for their support so that it does not go ahead. The decree-Law, which has already been approved by the Government, will go through Congress next Thursday, where it must be revalidated by the parliamentary groups. ASAFAN, FANUCOVA and the FEFN trust that the Government is aware of the mistake it commits with thousands of women, that it reconsiders and corrects the system it has designed so as not to harm women with more children, who are the ones with the greatest gender gap. suffered and those that are contributing the most to the system, precisely to sustain the pensions of all. Regarding this, the family entity considers “paradoxical, as well as tremendously unfair” that the objective of the Government with this measure is to reduce the gender gap that women have suffered due to motherhood and treat worse women who have had more children , when these are the ones with the highest wage gap, promotion gap, etc., having to face and combine employment with several pregnancies, childcare, etc., which have resulted in a loss of wages and fewer job opportunities for them. “The discourse of the gender gap is not supported,” they point out from the FEFN, as “neither is the argument that this system benefits low-income people when there are situations as incongruous as a working mother with only one child and A maximum pension of 2,400 euros, will see it increased by 27 euros per month, while a mother of 4 children and a pension of 800 euros, will also receive 27 euros for each of her children, a total of 108 euros per month. And if I had 5 or 6 children, the same amount, since the new supplement has fixed amounts that are equivalent to 4 children, so there is no greater compensation for larger families ”.

FANUCOVA and FEFN insist that the new model designed by the Government to eliminate the gender gap is a disguised cut in the pension, which will affect millions of mothers, from 2 children and with average pensions, which is accentuated in the case of the mothers of large families. The only beneficiaries are mothers with 1 child, who in the previous model did not receive any supplement and now they do. The FEFN has already valued this novelty as positive, because mothers with a child should also be considered, but it is tremendously unfair, rather “intolerable” – they qualify from the FEFN – that this compensation is detrimental to the complement to mothers with more children, who have contributed the most and must see their retirement compensated the most. DISCRIMINATED FAMILIES ASAFAN, FANUCOVA and FEFN also criticize the fact that there is a limit on the amount of the supplement, which is equivalent to having 4 children, which means that in the case of having had 5 or more children, only the first 4 will be counted. More than 21,000 families will feel “discriminated against” by this fact, being “very unfair that whoever has made the most effort at the level of reconciliation of family and work life, and has contributed the most to the system in demographic contribution, then is not rewarded by the State at its retirement age ”. The maternity pension supplement also discriminates against families in which one of the parents has stopped working to take care of the children because those mothers (mainly women) are not going to receive the supplement, since only for contributory pensions, and parents will not be able to prove that their children have affected their career because they will not have suffered a loss of income or a lower contribution from paternity.