New supplement for children in the pension

February 4 21
Dear families, 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 the old maternity supplement in pensions has been reformed by the Government with important modifications such as the charge from the first child to the fourth child. This Tuesday the new maternity pension supplement was approved, with a fixed amount of 378 euros per year per child.

When am I entitled to receive this supplement?

In other words, having children entitles you to receive this supplement. From the first biological or adopted child (and up to a maximum of four), one of their parents will be entitled to receive compensation in their pensions. This has been a novelty with respect to the current supplement that only mothers could receive from the second child.

Who can perceive it?

Generally, women. But not necessarily, men will be able to receive it if they meet the requirements and ask for it. The supplement is designed to compensate for the alteration in professional careers that women usually suffer after having or adopting children and which, in the long run, translates into lower pensions.

What happens if the damage is the same between the parents?

“If the two parents prove the damage or if neither of them does, the right will be recognized to the mother, thus contributing to the reduction of the gender gap,” explains Social Security in a note.

How is it assigned if the parents are two men or two women?

In the event that the two parents are women, the supplement “will be recognized to the one who receives public pensions whose sum is of a lesser amount,” he adds. If both parents are men, the one who meets the requirements of involvement in the work career required in the decree will be assigned ( PDF). If both meet them, “the person who receives public pensions whose sum is of a lesser amount will be recognized.”

How much would you charge per child with that supplement?

The compensation will be a fixed amount of 378 euros per year for each child. It translates into 27 euros per month per child, in 14 payments. There is a maximum: “The amount to be received will be limited to four times the monthly amount set by son or daughter.” That is, 108 euros per month.

Is money being made or lost with the new mechanism?

If you only have one child, you always win with the new maternity supplement, because the previous one did not give you the right to charge anything. With two or more children, it will depend on the case. It will benefit people with lower pensions more. On the contrary, it will harm the beneficiaries of high pensions, who would receive a higher supplement with the previous legislation. And it can also harm in the cases of a greater number of children, those in which the percentage of increase that was applied in the previous mechanism was 15%.

In which pensions will this supplement be applied?

It will be recognized in all types of pension (retirement, voluntary early retirement, permanent disability and widowhood), except partial retirement.

What happens to the pensions that already have the previous maternity supplement?

That the previous legislation continues to apply. This new supplement will be applied to pensions that are incurred as of its entry into force today, Thursday, February 4.

What if I am entitled to the maximum pension?

I can receive it. The Social Security informs that the supplement “does not compute for the purposes of complementing the minimum nor as a ceiling of the pension”

Until when will the complement be valid?

The regulation establishes that the measure will be in force as long as the gender gap in pensions is greater than 5%.

Real Decreto-Ley 3/2021