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Public Aid of the Valencian Community

Autonomous Benefits for large families of the Valencian Community.


Call for current scholarships in the area of dining, transportation, books, materials and special educational needs for students of nursery schools, non-university centers, university centers and vocational training, studies abroad.


Grants for students in their last year of Public University

Students who have a maximum of 24 credits to finish their university studies in the 2018-2019 academic year at public universities that make up the Valencian University System, or their affiliated public centers may apply for scholarships for the completion of university studies , and is enrolled in credits that correspond to the third and / or successive enrollment.

Application deadline:
As of September 13 and until October 15, aid may be requested

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Food and transportation assistance


  • Students of second cycle of Infant Education, Primary Education or Compulsory Secondary Education of the centers of ownership of the Generalitat.
  • Student body of the specific Special Education centers owned by the Generalitat.
  • Students of third level of first cycle Infant Education of the centers that participate in the program of incorporation of the educational level of 2 to 3 years in Infant and Primary Education schools owned by the Generalitat.

Application deadline
The regular submission deadlines will be from the day following the publication of this resolution (June 7) until the end of the registration period if it continues in the same center, or during the period of formalization of the Enrollment in the event that you change schools.


Those who at December 31, 2017 had the title of large family issued by the competent territorial body, can deduct 300 euros (in the case of large family of general category) or 600 euros (in the case of large family of special category).

What happens if I am waiting to receive my degree?

Likewise, taxpayers who, meeting the conditions for obtaining the large family title at the date of accrual of the tax, have submitted, prior to that date, an application before the competent body for the issuance of said title will be entitled to this deduction .

(In this case, if the application submitted is denied, the taxpayer must enter the amount unduly deducted, together with the corresponding late payment interest, in the manner established by the state regulations governing the Income Tax of Physical Persons.)

What requirements must I meet?

The sum of general taxable income and savings cannot exceed these limits: Large family of special category, 30,000 euros in individual taxation or 50,000 in joint taxation. Large family of general category, 25,000 euros in individual taxation or 40,000 in joint taxation.

Income deductions campaign 2017 (for the year 2019)

In this 2019 Income campaign as well as next year, large and disabled families may request new early deductions from the IRPF that includes the tax reform and in fact have already requested 120,500 taxpayers electronically.

The deductions will be calculated proportionally to the number of months in which the planned requirements are met simultaneously, and will have as a limit for each one, the contributions and total contributions to Social Security and Mutual Accruals accrued in each tax period.

If you wish to request this help, you must complete the application or the corresponding document on the same website of the Agency, with the printing and signature by all applicants.

You can also request it by calling 901 200 345 by contributing the amount of the box 490 of the statement of the IRPF of 2017 , or at any Tax Agency office the form that It must be completed and printed from the website of the Tax Agency. Once printed, all applicants must sign it.

If there is a right to deduction for several ascendants or descendants with disabilities, the said limit will be applied independently of each of them.

The aid can be processed by bank transfer, upon request through the submission of form 143, with the following modalities:

  1. a) Collective: It must be submitted by all applicants who may be entitled to the deduction. The full deduction will be paid to whoever appears as the first applicant, who must meet the requirements at the time the application is submitted.
  2. b) Individual: Each applicant will be paid the amount that results from dividing the amount that is applicable, by the number of taxpayers who may be entitled to the deduction.

In both cases, applicants must be in possession of a large family title or official certification of the degree of disability of the descendant and / or ascendant.


Large families can have a youth card for free. HERE you can see how to get it.


Open application period until August 6.

How to apply?


Renhata Plan Aid

Taxes and fees

Reduction in public fees ( official exams, licenses and degrees ).

Reduction of fees for official exams of the Qualifying Board , hunting and fishing licenses , official qualifications such as Yacht Skipper or vessels for recreation

The autonomous government of the Valencian Community contemplates the application of a lower tax rate (4%) in the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) for the acquisition of housing that will constitute the habitual residence of a large family, provided that the sum of the general taxable base and the taxable base of the Income Tax of the Individuals of the taxable person, their spouse, the descendants and the ascendants of the previous ones who live with them, as well as of the other people who are going to live in housing, corresponding to the immediately preceding tax period, with a deadline for submission due on the date of accrual, do not exceed, as a whole, 45,000 euros.

See regulations

If in your case you meet these requirements, you can request the tax benefit when the deed of purchase of the property is prepared. You can report your particular case in the provincial delegation of the Tax Agency.

Check your City Council for bonuses. Consult


It offers a discount on all titles, if the large family is of general category a 20% is applied and if a 50% is special.

It offers a cumulative discount on all FGV titles (except Zone A, TAM – Metropolitan) if the large family is of general category a 20% applies and if a 50% is special.


Discount for large families registered in Valencia of 20% if it is of general category and 50% if it is special.

Enjoy the advantages of being a large family


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