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State Public Aid

Take advantage of the benefits that the State provides to large families throughout Spain regardless of the Autonomous Community in which they reside.


Members of large families will enjoy a 5% reduction if they are classified in the general category and 10%, in the special category, on rates for regular national air transport services.

Reduction of 20% if they are classified in the general category, and of 50% in the special category, on the existing tariffs for the use of regular cabotage maritime transport lines.

The above bonuses will be applied, also in identical amounts, with respect to the transport of furniture and other goods by reason of change of address, when it is carried out within the paths specified in the previous section.

In relation to the prerequisite to the issuance of the ticket it should be understood that, in the case of beneficiaries of bonuses by large family, the employee of the shipping company or the agency must obtain from the interested parties the presentation of the official title of large family or document that reliably accredit such condition and the category in which it is classified.

20% or 50% discount, according to general or special category, in RENFE and road transport. Accumulable to other discounts.

RENFE Railways: To be entitled to the application of the discounts provided for in this article, the interested parties must submit, when requested, the corresponding Official Title of Large Family or document certifying such condition and the category in which it is classified. .

Railways of the Generalitat: Metro Valencia offers a discount on the price of the ordinary fare according to the type of ticket and if the large family is of general category or Special category.

The Alicante metropolitan transport line (TRAM) offers discounts according to the type of ticket for large families. This discount does not apply to the round trip ticket, or to other integrated or non-integrated fares, such as the young transport ticket, the subway bus, etc.


Access to support measures for large families in vulnerable situations in relation to their habitual housing (Social Housing Fund and other protection measures for families with difficulties in paying mortgage debts).

It is a social rate for which it applies to certain groups, including large families, because they are considered to be of special protection. It involves a discount on the price of electricity and other protection measures. 25% will be applied to vulnerable consumers and 40% to those of severe vulnerability. In the event that they are being served by Social Services, the discount is extended to 50%.

All the information about the requirements, documentation to be presented … you will find it here

45% bonus on Social Security fees when hiring a person for child and household care. The requirement is that both parents work outside the home, except in the case of special category families.


The status of a large family will be taken into account in public processes regulated by scales, such as in scholarships of the administration or in the admission of students from compulsory stages in schools supported by public funds.

50% discount or total exemption on public fees and prices for education, such as exam fees or university fees. In addition to the rates of access to the selection tests for entry into the public service.

  • In all regimes, levels and cycles, there will be a 100 percent exemption for members of large families classified in the special category and a 50% bonus for those in the general category of public rates or prices that apply to Enrollment and examination rights, by issuing academic, teaching and professional degrees and diplomas, and any other public fees or prices established in the aforementioned field.
  • When the beneficiary of a family misfortune benefit, granted by school insurance, is a member of a large family, the amount of said benefit shall be increased by 20% for general category and 50% for special category.

A subsidy will be granted to large families that have disabled or disabled children in their womb who have special educational needs associated with disability.

Leisure and Culture

Discount on admission to museums throughout Spain that are owned by the State.

List of museums with applicable discount:

  • Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Madrid)
  • Museo Nacional y Centro de Invest. de Altamira (Santillana del Mar)
  • Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática, ARQUA (Murcia)
  • Museo del Traje. CIPE. (Madrid)
  • Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas (Madrid)
  • Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias “González Martí” (Valencia)
  • Museo Nacional de Escultura (Valladolid)
  • Museo del Greco (Toledo)
  • Museo Casa de Cervantes (Valladolid)
  • Museo Nacional de Arte Romano (Mérida)
  • Museo Sefardí (Toledo)
  • Museo Sorolla (Madrid)
  • Museo Nacional de Antropología (Madrid)
  • Museo Cerralbo (Madrid)
  • Museo Romántico (Madrid)
  • Museo de América (Madrid)
  • Museo Nacional de Reproducciones Artísticas (Madrid)
  • Museo del Teatro (Ciudad Real)
  • Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid)
  • Museo Nacional del Prado (Madrid)
  • Museo Thyssen Bornemisza (Madrid)
  • Museo Lázaro Galdiano (Madrid)

NOTE: Apart from these State-Owned Museums, which are required to apply the discount or gratuity established in the Law (Law 40/2003 of November 18, Protection of Large Families), many other regional, provincial, municipal museums , or even privately owned, apply some type of discount to large families. Since they are particular cases, the family is advised to always check the ticket offices of each museum.

Tax Deductions

Specific deduction for large families, which can be applied in the Income Statement or receive your payment in advance at a rate of 100 euros per month. (modelo 143)

  • € 1,200 deduction for large general family
  • € 2,400 deduction for special category
  • € 1,200 deduction for families with children with disabilities

All deductions are cumulative with each other in case of several of these assumptions. To benefit from them it is necessary to be active in Social Security, although in the case of being a large family, it also applies to unemployed people who are receiving subsidies and to pensioners.

You will find all the information about the requirements and documentation to be presented here

The place to request it is in any delegation or Administration of the Tax Agency. Check all the centers you can go to in the Valencian Community here

* There is also a € 1,200 deduction for single parents with two children as long as there is no food benefit from the other parent.

It is a deduction aimed at women with children under 3 years of age, who carry out an activity on their own or another’s account for which they are registered in the corresponding Social Security or Mutual Security regime. This can be applied in the Income Statement (deduction of € 1,200) or receive your payment in advance at a rate of 100 euros per month. (modelo 140)

You will find all the information about the requirements and documentation to be presented here.

  1. Telematically through the Internet, at the Tax Office’s electronic Headquarters (
  2. By telephone (901 200 345)

In person by direct delivery to any Delegation or Administration of the Tax Agency. Check all the centers you can go to in the Valencian Community here.


Rest period that every working person has in cases of childbirth, adoption or foster care, without losing their salary or labor rights. They are 16 uninterrupted weeks of duration, expandable by 2 more weeks in the event of disability of the minor and in the case of childbirth, adoption or multiple foster care, for each minor, from the second.

You will find all the information about the requirements and documentation to be presented here.

The place to apply is in the offices of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Check all the centers you can go to in the Valencian Community here.

From January 1, 2017, the paternity leave is 28 days for all parents, regardless of whether they are large families or not, although in the case of multiple birth the permit is extended to two days for each child from of the second.

You will find all the information about the requirements and documentation to be presented here or at 900 166 565

The place to apply is in the offices of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS)

Beginning July 5, 2018, they can enjoy 5 weeks of paternity (instead of 4).

The duration of paternity leave is 5 weeks. From the end of the birth permit (2 days expandable to 4 if displacement is necessary). Since this birth permit is different and independent.

In the case of twins the paternity leave is extended by 2 more days. If they are triplets in 4 days, if they are quadruplets in 6 days, etc.

Likewise, another novelty regarding these permits is also incorporated: the possibility that public officials who have a child can take five weeks of leave without the obligation to do so simultaneously to the mother. In this way, they can enjoy their discharge after the mother’s 16 weeks, extending the total period of both parents to 21 weeks.

More information here

Permission that the employed person asks the company to suspend the contract for a certain period of time (being a maximum of 2 years), but retaining the preferential right to re-enter the company. For the following assumptions; the care of children under three biological years, by adoption or foster care and the care of family members until the 2nd grade.


  • You have no right to receive any salary from the company.
  • You reserve your job during the first year of leave, in the case of large family, the reservation of your position will be maintained for 15 or 18 months, depending on whether it is general or special category. After this period, a job is reserved within the same professional group or equivalent category.
  • Excess time counts when counting the seniority of the worker in the company.
  • You have the right to attend professional training courses that your company should call you, especially when you are going to join the job.
  • This leave can be enjoyed in a fractional way.

Right to benefit:

You have the right to a non-economic Social Security benefit for a dependent daughter or son in charge of the right to be considered for the first two years of your leave of absence (and in cases of large family, depending on the category, general or special, 30 or 36 months, respectively) as time quoted to Social Security, when you have to access some benefit for retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, maternity and paternity of Social Security.

Right of the working person can request this reduction in working hours, when:

  • Have the legal guardianship and direct care of one or a child under 8 years old,
  • Have legal guardianship and direct care of a person with physical, mental or sensory disabilities, who does not perform a paid activity,
  • Take direct care of a family person until the second degree of kinship (grandmothers or grandparents of both spouses, granddaughters and grandchildren, mother, father, sisters or brothers, spouse, daughters or sons, sisters-in-law or brothers-in-law, mother-in-law or in-laws), and that due to his age or having an accident or suffering from an illness, he cannot fend for himself and not work.
  • The minimum time that the working person can reduce his workday is one eighth of the workday and at most half.

The worker, woman or man, has the right to decide the schedule and duration of the permit. Collective agreements may establish criteria for the specific time of this reduction in working hours, in response to the rights of reconciliation of the personal, family and work life of the worker and the productive and organizational needs of companies. You must notify the company 15 days in advance, specifying the start and end date of the permit.

The salary is reduced in proportion to the part of the day that stops working. The contributions made during the first two years of reduced working hours for child care and during the first year of reduced working hours for family or disabled care, will be computed up to 100% of what the full day would have contributed. facing future Social Security benefits, retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, maternity and paternity.

More information here

It will be requested in cases of breastfeeding of the child or foster child until it reaches 9 months. The worker may be out of the job for an hour, which can be divided into two sections. The duration of this permit will be proportionally increased in cases of childbirth, adoption or multiple foster care. For the duration of the lactation permit, he continues to receive his full salary.

The person who exercises this right, by his will, can:

  • Substitute this right for a reduction of your day in half an hour for the same purpose.
  • Accumulate it in full days, in the terms provided in the collective bargaining or in the agreement reached with the businesswoman or with the employer, respecting, where appropriate, what is established therein.

Where do you ask?
The permit is requested in the same workplace. The worker must notify their return to the ordinary day 15 days in advance.

It is a right by which progenitor, adoptive or welcoming workers can reduce their working hours, with the proportional decrease of the salary, for the care, during the time of their hospitalization and continued treatment, of children or minors under their care affected by cancer or any serious illness that implies a long-term hospital admission and requires the need for their care directly, continuously and permanently, until they turn 18.

This reduction in working hours may entail an economic benefit from Social Security to compensate for the loss of income suffered by the parents, adopters or welcoming persons who reduce the working day, with the consequent decrease in their salary. The benefit consists of a subsidy equivalent to 100% of the regulatory base that is established for the provision of temporary disability derived from professional contingencies and in proportion to the reduction experienced by the workday.


Exemption in the issuance fees of the DNI or passport, both in new issues and in case of renewal due to expiration, theft or loss. More information here

Article 5. of Law 1/1996, on Free Legal Assistance, recognizes the possibility that large parents of Special Category can receive free legal assistance.

To do this, they must request it, before the trial, before the Legal Aid Commission, that “may exceptionally grant, by reasoned resolution, the recognition of the right to persons whose resources and income, even exceeding the limits provided in article 3, do not exceed four times the minimum interprofessional salary ”.

The decision will be taken “in response to the circumstances of the applicant’s family, number of children or dependents, health status, economic obligations that weigh on him, costs arising from the initiation of the process or others of similar nature, objectively evaluated , and, in any case, when the applicant has the status of ascendant of a large family of special category ”.

In case of being beneficiaries of free justice, large families of special category would also be exempt, as such, from the payment of judicial fees.

More information here.


Because you are a large family, you have the right to a 50% registration tax reduction based on the tax rate for large families, provided that the following requirements are met:

  • The vehicle must be new.
  • Capacity between 5 and 9 seats.
  • Enrollment must be in the name of the father, mother or both together.
  • At least 4 years must have elapsed since the registration of another vehicle in the name of the father or mother (except in the case of total loss)
  • The vehicle in question cannot be subject to inter-live transmission during the 4 years following the registration date.

Request Form 05

Instructions to complete the model

Birth, adoption or foster care

In cases of large families, single parents and in cases of mothers with disabilities equal to or greater than 65%. It is a lump-sum single payment economic benefit that is recognized by the birth or adoption of a child in large families or, for that reason, acquires such status, in single-parent families and in the cases of mothers suffering from equal or superior disability. to 65%, provided that a certain level of income is not exceeded according to income. The benefit is not recognized in cases of foster care.

It consists of an economic allowance for each child under 18 years of age or older and who is affected by a disability equal to or greater than 65%, paid by the beneficiary, whatever the legal nature of the affiliation, as well as by minors under their care in a family, permanent or foster care system for adoption purposes.

It is an economic aid, one-time payment, when the number of daughters or sons born in a birth or adopted simultaneously is equal to or greater than two.

The economic benefit tries to cover the loss of income that occurs, when the worker is declared in a situation of suspension of the employment contract due to risk during pregnancy, in the cases in which, having to change job or activity for another compatible with its state, such change is not technically or objectively possible or cannot reasonably be required for justified reasons.

You will find all the information about the requirements and documentation to be presented here

The place to apply is in the offices of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

Check all the centers you can go to in the Valencian Community here.

Enjoy the advantages of being a large family


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